Future of Social Media

The Future of Social Media

Social Media trends are continuously changing, but its the companies that adapt and identify the change are the companies that overcome their competitors. Social Media encourages companies to be creative, innovative and think outside the norm when posting content online. Personally I think social media still has a long way to evolve, and marketers like us need to be ready for those changes if we’re going to survive and thrive in the market.

Wearable Technology:

The introduction of wearable tech like virtual reality, augmented reality, and others are showcasing new ways to bring these experiences to everyone. If we can be sure of anything, it’s that the future means we’ll be wearing our technology on the outside, and, perhaps one day, on the inside, too. The wearable technology market, valued at $7.1 billion in 2015, will hit $12.6 billion in 2018, according to research firm Statista. Health and fitness bands such as the Fitbit have played a major role in its growth, but the Apple Watch has also seen success, with an estimated 61.3% share of the overall wearable technology market, according to IDC. Virtual reality has been a massive hit in 2017 as a wearable headpiece has been introduced to the market. This video is an example of what can bee seen through the headset. The headset allows you to engage in an experience through it. Like below we are on a roller coaster which has built in sound effects to make the experience more believable.


Augmented reality is also an aspect that has been tested by many companies to give their customers a unique experience and allow them to interact with the company. One example of a company using augmented reality is Topshop. AR Door, a Russian agency specialized in Augmented Reality solutions, teamed up with Topshop, a popular retailer, to create a virtual fitting room for a new collection of clothing. Augmented reality allows the customers to select an item of clothing off the rails without having to try it on physically. As a customer, you see yourself onscreen with a 3D copy of the item you have chose. This unique feature allows the customers to watch both the front and the back parts of the clothing. The video below shows this in action!

But wearable technology continues to develop and companies continue to test market the product and maybe products that will become trends in the future. The future of wearable technology is unknown but predictions have been made to potentially overtake mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, wearable technology must increase efficiency of data integration through apps. It difficult to get an accurate read on when to expect more advanced wearable technology.  There are reports of hearables, or wireless computing earpieces, and brainwave-reading technology coming to the market in the future, but we continue to question the future of wearable technology.

Video and Visual Marketing

Instagram was one of the first totally visually focused social networks, at first it was almost all pictures. Its massive success served as a spark for the rest of the industry, where it was then taken over by Mark Zuckerburg to reduce his competition. Quickly other social networks started leaning away from text into images, and that trend continued to evolve towards video for example:

  • Facebook has allowed videos from YouTube to be shared to pages online, this has become popular in regards to marketing a company as videos become viral quicker then content. This picture shows how visual marketing has taken over Facebook as many companies post daily visual content to engage with their customers and hope to gain new loyal customers.Facebook content
  • Snapchat is a visual and video platform where content can be shared with friends instantly for 24 hours. Snapchat have also introduced a feature that allows companies to advertise themselves on face swap usually for 24 hours also.

Image result for snapchat

As i have mentioned above, the future of Social Media is unknown to us but will be revealed once companies spot potential gaps in the market.

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power. - Unknown

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3 Irish Brands on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows companies and users to post images online. It is very difficult to find brands on Pinterest, many pins are uploaded on Pinterest and not verified by the brand. Irish brands are aware of Pinterst but are aware that very few internet users would search Pinterest as their first social media platform, it is less popular than the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Many Irish brands are recognized online globally but Pinterest gives them an opportunity to target a further audience online. These following three brands have a strong presence on Pinterest:

 Jameson Irish Whiskey 


Jameson is a well known Irish alcoholic beverage that is distributed globally. Jameson distillery is located in Midleton Co. Cork. Last year we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to the distillery and get the Jameson experience! We were informed about their marketing strategies and their sales per year. Jameson WhiskeyJameson pins are very popular on Pinterest but the official page doesn’t seem to get as much follow. The board created by Jameson is Holiday, they use holiday marketing to market their product, as you can imagine Christmas would be a busy time for Jameson. Jameson could become more active and frequently update pictures on Pinterest they could also create more boards associated with their product.

Butlers Chocolate


Out of many Irish brands on Pinterest, Butlers have proven to be one of the most favourited on this Social Media platform. Butlers post regular updates and recipe ideas for their customers and potential customers. They think of their customer when posting online. The boards associated with Butlers are Gifts, Recipes, Butlers chocolate experience, Butlers chocolate cafe, all things coffee!, Valentines day and much more. All the boards show how well Butlers target their Pinterest audience and give them a variety. They’re also covering the aspect of being inspirational to their customers by posting recipes and influencing them on gifts for occasions such as Valentines Day. Butlers have a strong presence on Pinterest and should continue being active and inspiring.

Aer Lingus


Aer Lingus are a well known company globally. They are known for their luxury flights and reliability. As you can see above they have a Pinterest page to target a wider market on this social media platform. They may not be as popular with followers but many other users post photos such as pre-holiday photos or post holiday blues photos at the airport where Aer Lingus are featured in. Aer Lingus have boards such as destinations, Rugby, City break inspirations, Romantic escapes etc. this shows they are using holiday marketing on Pinterest which involves boarding their plane. Pinterest gives Aer Lingus the opportunity to see and understand what’s trending and use that information to position their offers and products to their customers. Pinterest also allows customers to pin pictures, by pinning pictures it allows customers to return to the picture or save it for another day.

In my opinion, Pinterest is an upcoming Social Media platform which has many benefits to posting your business information and news. It targets a wider market and allows your business to become more recognizable no matter how small it is!

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Video Advertising

Video Advertising

In more recent years, video advertising and visual advertising has become extremely popular especially on social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram. According to Post Planner a massive 8 million videos are viewed on Facebook daily and 300 hours of videos get uploaded to YouTube daily. Facebook would be one of the most popular platforms to advertise your business and share your video content such as trailers, adverts and updates in the business. It is also well known that video responses on Facebook and other social media platforms get a better reaction and better publicity from your Social Media audience. The more creative your video advert is the better! that is why I picked this advert, this advert was posted by Cannes Lions, a well known competition that awards company’s for their creative and innovative adverts.

Cannes Advert:

This advert was created to promote a new product added to the Diesel Jeans range called Jogg Jeans. The video is creative and unique to many other adverts. The video includes a virtual reality which allows the customers to experience what the jeans are like jeans in a 3 dimensional view and also online which allows anyone to share the experience with friends and family with just a click of a button. This video stood out to me as an innovative and creative video advert and also without surprise was recognized by Cannes Lions.

Favourite Irish Advert: Lidl Ireland


Without doubt Lidl Ireland  are well known for their Adverts, but this one for me has to be my favourite. It stands out to me as I can relate to this advertisement. Lidl Ireland are proudly sponsoring Ladies Gaelic football as they themselves could see the decline in popularity of Ladies Football in Ireland.

This video has attached many scenes of ladies G.A.A. in action, the sheer determination and dedication ladies football consists of. Since the men’s game of football has always been seen as a popular demand and has always been given first preference Lidl Ireland has stepped up and recognized the Ladies with what they deserve, the publicity, support and recognition for their time and effort put into the voluntary game. They have encouraged supporters to go out and support local communities and encourage ladies to stay involved in a sport that may not be available to ladies in the future.  Ladies begin to loose interest as their is more support given to the mens G.A.A. even-thought the same time, dedication and game is played by both genders.   Ladies G.A.A. is in decline in Ireland and it’s great to see an Irish company supporting us. Lidl have taken the problem head on and created an amazing 3 year campaign to get the Ladies game back on track!

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5 Tip for Creating a Great Facebook Page

  1. Ensure your profile photo/logo identifies your business and is also recognizable to the viewers.

    Good Profile Picture


It’s is important that your profile picture/logo represents your business in a positive view and can be recognized by customers.

An example of good profile photo/logo that identifies the business is Mary Anne’s Tea Rooms. Their image is recognizable by many consumers and also identifies the business well. It is important the image includes the name of the company/organisation and is seen clearly. The full image should also be seen so viewers can identify and see the full brand image.


An example of one brand that have a poor picture to represent their business is Kakes by Karen. Even though you can see the brand name clearly there is part of the image not showing in the profile picture. All information in the picture should be shown and viewed in the profile picture space given.




2. Easy accessible contact information

It’s important that your profile contact information is right and active so your customers can easily access your contact information and contact your business/organisation if necessary. Customers also look for location and opening hours on Facebook, it is important to display all information to satisfy customers. For example, Harvey Norman offer a “Live Chat” to their customers, this allows customers to get and instant and efficient answer within minutes instead of waiting for a reply from an email or phone call. The live chat is also free which encourages customers to use it if they have a query or problem.


3. Keep Facebook Page Up to Date and Post Regularly

Posting regularly and updating latest information about your business will attract new customers to your page and also keep customers interested in the business. Many businesses would post information such as new products, to inform customers what products they stock and also post promotional offers and competitions to thank and appreciate their customers and followers of the Facebook page. According to this report from ‘Now Marketing Group’  that the amount of times you post on Facebook depending on your followers, for example 10,000 follower profile should be posting three to five times a day.  One company that has not posted regularly is Mars Bar, they have not posted in roughly 8 months which would loose the customers interest in the product.



4.  Respond to Customer Reviews/Comments regardless if they are Positive or Negative

In recent years studies have shown that customers trust previous customers reviews, even if they’re strangers posting online reviews. In recent times websites such as Trip Advisor and Facebook allow customers to rate and review their business. Feedback to a business is essential and they say negative feedback are the best reviews a customer could make as the business becomes aware of a problem and sources a solution. When a review/comment is written online it is important that the business must respond, by responding it shows the businesses interest in the customers opinion and views which also helps the business improve.

Bad Review

One business that has failed to respond to customer reviews is The Wilton Bar & Restaurant. They received feedback from a customer on the food they received and wasn’t too impressed by the food or Chefs actions, there has been no response from the business and the post was updated on May 14th, this is a sign of poor customer service.

Good Review

On the other hand The K Club Hotel has very good customer recognition online. They receive many reviews from their customers and the hotel always respond to their review. This shows the businesses interest and also would like to take problems further by private messaging customers that may not have been happy with the service. This is dealing with the problem privately and professionally which impresses even the customers with the bad experience and reviews.


5.  Update local/ upcoming events and become known to other local companies

When setting up a Facebook page it is nice to support local businesses and events in your location. Business owners should like local businesses and share their content to develop a good relationship with neighbors as they may attract customers to your area. Inglot Cosmetics is a company with many upcoming events and have created events on Facebook to let us as customers become aware of their activity. When setting up an event you need to ensure all information is added such as, ticket details, location of event, time, duration and where to access tickets if needed. Having all the information with a click of a button will gain customers attention and lead to a successful event.



For more information on how to improve your Facebook page presence and attract more customers to your page have a look at the following Youtube Video:

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